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Oscar LP2-13

Oscar is very thankful that we took his short video BEFORE we had his lovely, but unkempt, fur shaved off. His lion-cut is not his favorite look, and he is a little bit embarrassed by it - but it had to be done. In his next home, hopefully someone will be able to brush him a little bit every day to keep his fur (well, when he HAS fur again) in better condition.

Oscar is used to being an indoor/outdoor cat and is REALLY missing his outdoor time since being brought to the shelter when his person was no longer able to care for him. He would love a home with a nice, safe backyard where he can explore and enjoy sun spots without danger from cars or dogs.

Oscar gets along well with other cats and would prefer a no-dog home. He is super easy to care for other than brushing for a few minutes a day... the volunteers refer to him as a "plant with legs" because he is pretty lazy and content to lounge around much of the time. He's not very playful, nor is he demanding. He is just looking for a nice indoor-outdoor home where he can retire in peace.

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