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Roscoe DN13

Roscoe, a short hair orange and white male born about 9/5/18, came to us as part of a feral litter that had been trapped. The mother was returned to the colony but we retained the kittens as we believed they could be tamed. Our volunteers have been working hard to socialize Roscoe and we are happy to report that he has been successfully tamed. He is not yet ready to full on cuddle but does well being petted and held a bit more than his sister, LuLu. We anticipate he will improve when in a home where he can get more one on one with his person. Roscoe is compatible with other cats, respectful children and adults but hasn’t been dog tested, although with the proper introduction and a respectful or indifferent dog we suspect he would adapt quickly.

The ideal placement will be as indoor/outdoor kitty if in a rural setting, or as indoor only in an urban setting. While Roscoe was born outdoors, spent time in the feral colony with his mother and learned some street smarts, he probably isn't equipped to handle the challenges of a densely populated area. He might be more inclined to run TOWARDS that blaring horn than away from it.

We'd love to see all kittens go to homes that have another young, playful kitten, or to send 2 of them out as a pair (which gives you a great pair discount rate), but we do not require pair adoptions. If you prefer to adopt just one, and you don't have a similarly aged kitten at home already, please read our information on Single Kitten Syndrome. Then, when you apply for a single kitten, please let us know in the "Comments" field how you plan to deal with the "kitten crazies."

All pets arrive spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee for Roscoe is a suggested minimum of $50 (more gratefully accepted). All pets are placed with a 30-day money-back trial period, to give pet and family enough time to discover any unknown allergies or other conflicts. Can't come to Republic? Don't let that stop you! We have monthly transports to both the Seattle area and Spokane, delivering adopted pets to their new owners. If you can add a little to your donation to help us cover our volunteer driver's expenses, that would be great!

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