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Grouper C1188

Grouper is one of two remaining kitties from the Salt Water Litter, born approximately 4-23-18. The kittens were found dumped on Republic's Rail Trail during the annual Prospectors' Days celebration when they were only about four weeks old and have been with us since. Needless to say, Grouper and his sister, Puffer, would really like to find a forever home (or a foster situation). They are a bonded pair but don’t need to be adopted together (although bonded pairs come at a discount!). Both have struggled with the feline herpes virus (FRV/FHV-1) which manifests itself similar to a cold with upper respiratory symptoms, runny eyes and sneezing. Groupers symptoms have settled in his right eye where scar tissue has formed over the cornea. We have been unable to completely resolve his symptoms and may need to remove his eye to provide lasting relief. He is currently on a two week course of anti viral medication (Famciclovir) and the vet is hopeful. We will update this listing as his condition changes.

Grouper is a friendly, playful guy. When you first meet him he presents as shy and reserved, but once you settle in to some cuddle time his purr motor kicks in and he seems content to hang out on your lap. He loves to play with his sister (they share a Meow Manor room) and welcomes play with any volunteer sporting a wand toy with the realistic mouse on the end (his favorite). Grouper is good with respectful children, other cats, and seems indifferent to respectful dogs. Although Grouper loves to spend time on the porch of his Meow Manor sniffing the air or soaking up the sun he doesn’t have any experience with the great outdoors and has not learned street smarts. He may be more likely to run TOWARD danger than to save himself, so might do better as indoor-only cat for life. If you have a screened porch where he can get some outdoor time while remaining safe from peril he will have found his dream home.

For more information on FRV/FHV-1, here are a few links:

This is a virus that is generally included in your cats' routine vaccinations, so if you already have an adult cat at home, it should not be an issue as long as they are up to date on their vaccines. While the virus will remain in Grouper for life and can be reactivated in times of stress, with proper care they could go a lifetime with very few flare-ups and only mild symptoms if they do have a flare-up.

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