Windle is the sweetest little guy ever. He loves to talk and cuddle with me and keeps trying to win over the girls. 

Lookie (17) and Tigs (11) are still resisting his charms but are coming around slowly but surely. Tigs is still giving him half-hearted hisses but she is only 9 pounds and a little timid... side by side she looks like a kitten!

BItsy the dog treats him like she does Tigs... just another kitty who thinks she's awesome... and who deserves it more! Windle likes to sleep with her on the couch... he's such a love-sponge.

I think we'll keep his belly-shave going... he's learning to love his tummy rubs now that no one is pulling out mats... and I've managed to keep him tangle free with gentle brushing and lots of pets. He looks so regal when outside cruising his domain... will send a picture of his majesty soon.

He's also inspired the other two... they are much more interested in getting their share of kitty-loves and Lookie has taken to running around like a school girl... flirting may be just around the corner!

Nap times on my chest are the best... until he gets too hot and flops out on the concrete floor. Luckily he's been slowly losing weight on a diet of Purina weight formula, once a day treats, and plenty of play time... so it's getting easier to breath, too.

Happiness rules!
Thanks so much again for letting me be the lucky one



Making slow but sure progress integrating the little superman.
He is such a smooth talker... so funny... serenading the ladies on the balcony... and acting the gentleman, too.

Windle spent the morning upstairs where the kitties are hiding out... they've gone from fiery to fussy! The girls stayed on the bed and everyone had treats... we're getting there.

Bitsy has figured out that he's not threatening her but still makes sure he understands that THAT is Bitsy's food bowl...

Had his ears cleaned, tummy shave and brushing at South Paws and was so happy to see me that he just snuggled all the way home... what a guy.

Thanks again for being our matchmaker!