Violet, she is kind of a brat with him but doesn't hurt him. It's hard to explain but I can't tell if she wants to play sometimes or is enjoying being the clear master of the house. She bats at him, never hurting him, but gets him jumping off the table or when he is walking through the room. The brat part is she doesn't move but does this whine when he comes 'at' her.   She is such a great cat, she sleeps with me every night and we have our routines.  They have times with touching noses with no hissing, then the next day a bat and a hiss.  We are 100% making it work.


What a sweet girl, she’s already adapted pretty well.  Cuddled up on my chest last night while I was going to bed.  We just have to get her used to the fact that my boy can’t see her.  She doesn’t know what to do other than hiss and swat at him when he’s near her, even though he’s unaware they’re so close.  It sounds like the cat she had been living with didn’t like her much so I’m sure she’s used to having to defend herself a bit more than she’ll hopefully need to at our place.

As we were leaving, Christine mentioned that Violet’s brother, Tiger, is still at your shelter.  That broke my heart.  I don’t know how bonded they were but I did want to share that while we absolutely can’t take him now, if he is still living there when my boy passes, there won’t be an ounce of hesitation to take him when that time comes.  Trusting of course he and Violet got along well and it would benefit both of them.  Of course I had to look him up and he’s beautiful, and I do wish we were in a different place to add another.

We are already head over heels in love.