Hello, Sylvesters new name is now Tigger. Tigger is doing great. The kittens took a bit to start getting along with eachother. Maybe a week or so. My 4 year old kitty still dislikes both the kittens :( hopefully she will come around.  The kittens wrestle and play and are so funny to watch. We just ordered them a kitty tree. That will be fun to watch :) tigger is super snuggly and loves to wake you up by cleaning your face. The kittens snuggle together and groom eachother and take over my pillow at night. Tigger is doing tiggerific. The picture with his back arched is when he 1st noticed my older cat zoey. He stayed in that position frozen for a good 5 minutes and didn't move a muscle. Now he just bats her tail when she walk by. She hisses and raises her paw at them but hasn't smacked them yet. The picture of tigger and keesa in the window is when they noticed there 1st bird (bluejay) eating out of the feeders. I'll update as time goes by :) thank you for the ever so perfect kitty :) we love him.