7/30/16 pt 2:

So far so good. It must be Lummi’s silent cues. I can actually pet both of them while they’re standing next to each other (touching). We’re making progress. Hee hee The worst that we have seen so far is that she paws (scratches) at you for attention and she whines when we get ready to go for a walk. She’s reminding us that she gets too as if we’d forget her. She does like to lay in the middle of the kitchen while we fix their meals. During our dinner, she just lays quietly at our feet. She normally follows us (Lea) around the house unless she is fast asleep under the table.

Oh, Lummi has started teaching her to chase and bark at the backyard squirrels. Oh boy! They are starting to play a little bit with each other (just kinda feeling each other out). We’ll have to get that on camera. Lummi won’t admit it but we think he’s starting to enjoy her company. :)

7/30/16: (NOTE: Sadie Mae joins 2015 Sammi Fund adoptee Lummi in her new home)

Wow, it’s been a week already. Sadie Mae has settled in quite nicely. She was a bit wired the first night and we wondered if we were going to have to crate her to get her to calm down enough to go to sleep. She eventually settled down and things have been going well ever since. Her go to place is under the dining room table (under the bench). She hasn’t been allowed to sleep on the bed but has found her way to the living room couch during the night. Lol. I think we’re may end up compromising but we’ll just have to see. We are encouraging her to sit for her attention and praise rather than the pawing up on your shoulders and/or groveling on the floor. She is doing better. I think Lummi’s calmness is helping her (and her sociability is helping him). She’s definitely a mama’s girl too. She follows Lea everywhere. We’ve left them both home several times without a hitch. She sleeps just about as much as he does so we don’t anticipate workdays being a problem.

We really enjoyed coming up to visit you all and it was nice to bring Lummi too. We got to see his old home, even if he didn’t acknowledge it. We wish he would have been more receptive of his shelter friends but he must be a one person (family) dog. He and Sadie are getting along better each day. IE. He doesn’t immediately run for cover (under the bed) in the guest room like the first day. We’ve had to reassure him that he isn’t getting replaced and we think he is opening his heart (ok, tolerating) his new family member. We both discussed how old she makes him look. We’re definitely glad we adopted her. She helps us appreciate him even more! It’s funny seeing how similar (as cattle dogs) and different (as individuals) that they are. We couldn’t have picked a better fit for our family and we thank you all again for everything that you do!

Pics: Sadie’s retreat, Sadie standing still for a moment, Sadie & Lummi, Sadie & Lummi exploring the backyard, Sadie surveying her new backyard