Thought you would like to see how great she is

Just wanted to check in and let you know that things are going great here with RyLee.   She has come a long ways since I picked her up in Monroe from you.  As I'm sure you can tell, I won't be returning her to the shelter - EVER!!!!  I can't tell you how much joy she has given me.  We get along famously as if we have been with each other for the past 8 years.  Not a day goes by that I don't love having her in my home and I'm sure she feels the same way.  She absolutely loves going for car rides and does great just hanging out in the car while I do errands (glad it's getting cooler now so she can go everywhere with me).  We are still working on greeting other dogs, but I think over time she will adjust, if not, that's okay with me too.  I can't thank you enough for brining RyLee into my life.  She is truly a gift.


Just an update on RyLee.  She had her dentist appointment yesterday and they had to pull 4 of her teeth.  Two were rotten and two were just nubs.  She did a great job with all of it and I know once the pain subsides, she will be very happy to have those rotten teeth gone. 

I'm really happy to tell you that I took her to the Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch in Snohomish on Saturday.  I had been taking my dog, Sarge, there for 12 years to board and for day care.  I let them know we were coming and that RyLee is dog aggressive.  I wanted to start getting her around other dogs to see what I was dealing with.  When they let us into the gate, she went a bit nuts over the dog that was there waiting for us, but after about 5 minutes walking the both of them together, she calmed right down.  The dog wrangler then took her out into the open area where all the dogs play and she did amazingly well.  In the area where they took RyLee, there were older dogs, teenager dogs and puppies.  She had a puppy get right in her face, and RyLee didn't do anything except for sniff it.  The Dog Ranch has 5 acres all fenced in so the dogs can roam around and play.  She isn't completely happy with other dogs, but it's a start.  We are thinking that she's not so much aggressive as she doesn't know any better.  This Saturday at training, the trainer is going to introduce her to another dog to see what happens.  I'm feeling pretty good about this and hope that we can break her of the uncomfortable feeling she gets when around other animals. 

Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend and thank you, again, for allowing me to have RyLee in my life.


Per your request, here are some great pictures of RyLee. 

RyLee really is responding well to the training, it's me that needs it more!!!!  There are so many things to remember - buzz words, hand signals, etc.  No problem with the teeth issue.  I'm just an A Type dog owner that wants to make sure everything is great with her..Emoji  I'm sure she will feel a lot better once all that plaque is off.  As for her skin/coat, things are really really good.  My vet thought she was infested pretty bad at one time of her life with fleas.  She is on an anti-itch medication right now to stop her from scratching so her skin can heal. 

I cannot express how grateful I am to you and Forget Me Not shelter for allowing the two of us to meet.  She has saved me just as much as I have saved her.  We are having a great time together playing outside in the yard and going for walks.  I absolutely love her.


Thought I would give you an update on how things are going here.  We have been to three training sessions so far and RyLee is doing great.  She knows how to heel now and walk on a leash without pulling.  We are having a great time together.  I have been testing leaving her in the house without being crated and she is doing wonderful with that.  I was gone the other day for 7 hours and was very concerned about leaving her alone, but she did a great job.  Everyone that meets her loves her.  She is so personable to humans.  We started walking with my neighbor and her small dog and, so far, things have gone smoothly.  RyLee still is a bit dog aggressive, but we are working on this in training.  I'm breaking her of being toy aggressive.  The other day my best friend came by with her 4 year old twins and they all got along fine.  RyLee had a great time playing outside with the little girls.  She has decided that sleeping on my bed is much better than the crate or the floor.  I don't really mind - she is good company for me.  RyLee is going in for a teeth cleaning on August 31st.  Her back teeth are caked with plaque to a point where you can hardly see them.  I have a good Vet and she will be in good hands having this done.  My Vet has taken her off all the supplements except for the fish oil.  I can't tell you how happy I am having her in my life.  We get along like she's been here her whole life.  Thank you so much for taking such great care of her over those three months.  She truly is a sweet girl.


Look like she found her place on the couch.  So far she has been just a dream.  We have gone on a few walks around the neighborhood.  She did go a bit crazy when she saw another dog, but I try and go out when I'm pretty sure it's quiet outside.  She ate dinner the first night around 10:00pm - ever since then she has eaten when I put the food down morning and night.  She only had one accident in the house which was on the first day - which was to be expected.  We start training tonight - really excited about that.


I can't tell you haw happy I am to have Mylee in my home. Thought I would give you an update after day one. The first thing Mylee did was poop and pee in the house. Pretty funny. I should have seen that coming. So far she has been calm and frantic. She's jumped up on the couch with me and laid her head on my lap three times. We have been in the backyard playing fetch with two balls - which you warned me about. It's been great having her here and I just know we will be great in time. I will be as patient with her so she knows she is safe and not going anywhere. At one point she laid across the door opening from my dining room and my deck thinking, I'm hoping, this is great! I'm giving her as much space as possible while keeping an eye on her. Thank you for that book. I read it when I got home. Very informative. Hope you get a good nights sleep and I will keep you updated on her progress. I'm going through me changing her name to Rylee. Mylee remind me too much of Miley Cyrus and I don't want her to have that curse.