We did Rename her to Nellie. We liked Annie but just didnt feel it fit for us. We call her Smelly Nellie when she needs a bath! As far as questions go, we have watched the DVD and read a few books about puppy training, I also had some experience when I dated a girl who was into show dogs and taught training classes. We are doing the bells on the front door method to get her to tell us when she has to go outside. Its a work in progress but making baby steps. Any recommendation to get her to be more comfortable with the bells? She gets scared of them when they get rung. The only other issue we are having is we are trying to get her to chew on her toys and not us when we play. Wrestle Mania breaks out and she likes to put our hands/feet/arms in her mouth and lightly chew. We immediately stop her and put a chew toy in her mouth. Any recommendation to help her understand not to chew on us? We are afraid she may playfully bite someone who wont take it as playful as she gets older. We will post some pictures and videos to the facebook page. I have also attached two pictures of her here with me at work sleeping in her brand new rain jacket we got her, and covering her own nose after she farted. It was pretty funny! Laura gave her a bath last week and got video of her playing hide and go seek under our bed! Its her second favorite place to hang out. SHe loves her crate! Pit some blankets and toys with a large fluffy dog bed for her to lay on every night.  Thank you for helping bring such a wonderful addition to our family!!