He's made a lot of progress since we last spoke. Here are some pictures that tell the story.

He likes to pull Eva's stuffed animals under her bed to keep him company. He also likes to sit on our upper outdoor deck, where he is safe and can see everything in the neighborhood. He greets us at the door when we come home, sleeps with us, and likes to be in the same room with us now.

He's still afraid of visitors, but we hope he'll soon have the confidence to greet new people when they come to visit.


I'm really impressed with the quality of the service we've received from the Forget Me Not Shelter.
We will keep in touch and I hope to send better pictures when our little kitten ventures out a bit more and will sit still for a picture.  Here's a picture of him where he likes to sit watching the fish in Eva's room.

We named him "Nabu" (a word my former cat Raleigh uttered one day).  True story.
Nabu likes to hide under Eva's bed during the day, but he's starting to be less afraid and comes out to be with us after sunset. He sleeps with me on a regular basis and sits with me while I drink my coffee in the morning.
I hope he will be a little more agreeable to coming out during the day so we can enjoy his company more and more.
Right now he's watching me from his perch on a dresser in my closet.

Thank you so much for checking in!