Just a quick update on (Mame) Pepper Potts.  Mame is finally settling in here in Magnolia with her new surrogate bro/dad Rollie, Sarah and I.  Rollie by far has been the best puppy trainer in the house.  After the initial week or two of the puppy tornado we have compromised on a workable relationship.  Mame just graduated from her puppy obedience class and is often given too much credit for being cute and not enough for being a brat.  She is a loving sensitive girl with a fierce, no back down play streak that keep us busy detaching her from the jowls of other pups.  She is beginning to settle into down time on her bed instead of her kennel as long as she is well exercised.  She has loved exploring Discovery park with Rollie and me and continues her park adventures almost daily.  I have a million stories and pictures you certainly do not have time for but it is safe to say we will be keeping her.  Thank you for your help and hard work.