Just wanted to give you a update on how Lulu(Dilly) is doing. She seems be adjusting great. She has become a good little spaz. Her name almost became pocket because she would never leave Colby or I the first few days. She knows sit(almost to well) is 90% on lye down and 75% on come. She is doing GREAT! All animals seem to be adjusting to Lulu quite well. The cat and ducks have established that they are in charge and are now to the point they will allow Lulu to sniff them. Poor Wilma decide last Sunday to eat some bones and plug herself up for 5 days. I feel horrible now, but Colby and I thought she was going on a food strike because of Lulu. It took us longer than what I would have like to take her to the vet. So it has been a fun week of vet visits, syringe feeding and home enemas Wilma is better now I am hoping this week we can get Wilma to party with Lulu since she is feeling better. Thanks for everything!