I just wanted to let you know that Carl is the perfect fit for us. It took him only about two hours to get about three acres of our property marked as his (he took a lot of water breaks in the creek to get that much done) Lol. I'm sure he's working on getting more of it marked today.There are a lot of tail wags and kisses from him for everyone. Zander, the three year old, can't stop giggling everytime he gets kisses, and of course Carl loves this. Oh, and after several attempts at trying different names on him, the one he finally answered to was buddha. Kinda crazy that he likes that name, but if we call out Buddha he comes running, so either he likes it or it was pretty close to his real name. None the less it is a perfect fit, for the moment. I do think he will be losing weight quickly with all the running around he is doing. He follows the boys everywhere while they ride their power wheels around the yard and is constantly checking every corner of the property for deer or any other four legged critter he can find, and it's a lot of land to cover. He seems to love being outside as long as we're there, which is always at my place. He made his bed between the doors of my boys and my husband and I's bedroom, which is where I figured he would end up. He definitely keeps a close eye on us and I love it. Thank you for letting us adopt such a wonderful pup. He is the perfect addition to our family. I promise I will be sending pictures soon, of a very happy dog and humans.