A hugely belated update from us, I am so sorry we have been remiss!  Buster (AKA Iron Man) is doing wonderfully!  He is adorable, and so sweet and good-natured, with a healthy amount of frenetic "puppy energy" to shower us with fun and entertainment!  The other two dogs gladly spend hours wrestling with him, and are very careful not to squish him like a bug :-) Though occasionally he gets a bit too good of a nip in and they are very happy to instruct him in the errors of his ways... The cat is less enthusiastic, but I know he'll adjust in time.  And for now, he knows exactly how long Buster's leash is and where he can roll around and fein indifference just outside of Buster's range...  He thinks the chickens are intriguing, but hasn't shown any overwhelming compulsion to chase them (not that we leave him off-leash at this point to see).  We take Buster in today for his last round of puppy shots (I believe) and a check-up, we are eager to see how much he's grown in 2-1/2 weeks.  The potty training is going okay--he's great about keeping his kennel clean at night and readily goes outside when we take him out, though he still has no warning system in place for letting us know when he needs to go... We have him confined to the kitchen/dining area though, where everything is Pergo and easily cleaned :-)

Anyway, I'll send some pictures from my phone and let you know how much he's grown!  I think Marnee sent some earlier, which was great of her.  How are his siblings adjusting to their new homes, as far as you know?  

Have a great day, and I'll send more updates later!