8/10/16 -

Here is a picture of Zinc and the girls (Zinc may look uninspired but it's merely a photographic misstep as he is cuddling and playing with them a lot).  We are enjoying and loving them all.

7/25/16 - they added Begonia's sister Buttercup to the family!

Buttercup rode the entire way home nestled in Jarod's arms and purring.  Begonia and Buttercup are settling in.  We aren't sure if they know they are sisters.  They are both delightful.  Thank you.  Buttercup isn't a fan of the dogs but that will change.  They are harmless.  Zinc is accepting in his usual good nature and Big Kitty will go with the flow.  


Here is a pic of Zinc and Begonia cuddling.  Thought we'd pass on the smile.

(with brother Zinc, adopted in 2015)


Begonia is settling in nicely and is a great snuggle buddy for Jarod. She seems to like to sit on Jarod’s feet when he is playing video games. He’s quite happy with that. She is a total love and absolutely perfect. I get up in the morning and she comes bounding out of his room. Yesterday we stopped keeping the cats separated. Zinc stopped hissing after the first day and seems much more accepting. He is becoming quite a love with us, accepting being held or even jumping in my lap for cuddles which is new for him. He’s reminding us of his charm when he got him at the shelter and I hope he realizes his place in our life and in our hearts remains unchanged. The older cat is being her usual accepting self. One of the dogs was playing with Begonia moments ago in the cat tube on the floor. It was funny to watch. We are making sure everyone is getting lots of love and attention. Things are going well.