Thought I would send off a quick update on Ali (fka Alice).  She went to the coast with us to celebrate mom's 99th birthday.  I can't say she was as enthusiastic as most dogs on the beach because she is mostly off leash and for an old gal I don't think she cared for the tough walking in the deeper sand.   BUT she loves road trips and going to new places.  She has met all my friends dogs and they have all accepted her as part of the friend pack.

Thanks again for making the "connection", she is a huge part of the family and feels like she has been with us for a long long time!


Oh, if only our friends could talk.  We looked at her hips xray first and saw 3 white dots and then when we looked at her abdomen and further up (to check on bladder stones) and it was splattered with 20+ white dots.  Theres no way of  knowing if it is lead or steel shot, but her blood work does not indicate any lead poisoning so they tend to just leave the buckshot in rather than making that many openings and possible infection after that. Plus no idea how long it's been there.  I had taken in another Rottie mix and felt a hard lump in her cheek, ended up working a bullet slug out.  She was terrified of camera flashes and loud noises so she had been shot at some time also (she had been left on a family farm to roam on her own and someone would go out maybe once a week and drop off food...grrrr).  I have not seen any more blood clots in her urine but she seems a little lethargic this morning, quite slow on her usual anticipated morning walk.  Left word with my vet.  We'll take good care of her.

Ali's separation anxiety is doing much, much better, now she just gets in and eats cat food while we are gone so we have to lock that up. She's fine with my mom while I am gone and when we are both gone we have not heard any reports from the neighbors of her whaling and no destructive behavior.

Keep up with your great work.  From Ali's forever home...


I can't believe it's only shy of a month that Ali has been here. We love our walks around the neighborhood twice a day, she isn't  on leash unless we come across someone else with a dog, and then it is just out of courtesy. And car rides, she can't  wait to jump in the back seat and noses her harness with the seat belt as soon as she's in. And we've been doing strengthening exercises for her back legs, she's developed some good muscle already.


Ali is getting better all the time about separation, if my mom is home she checks the doors occasionally but is good.  Mom likes her to come with whenever possible in the car and I think she likes the car rides.  My friend has replaced lots of trim in his house (due to SA of his dog) so it's easily replaced.  I have tried the Kongs but she is not very interested in chewing on things like that, perhaps it is due to lack of teeth on that one side or her gums are still sensitive, did she chew on things there?  She is a dream to brush her teeth though, she's dream period, I love her!!  I have told my friends each new senior I get is better than the last, which is tough to say since they are all so wonderful in their own ways!!


Just wanted to drop a line and a couple pictures from my morning walk this morning!  I am loving the move to Portland and my new home, I feel like a queen or a celebrity, everybody wants to meet me and just falls in love with me!  I knew I was special but wow, not that special!!

Julie has noticed my back end is a little weak so she has started me on glucosamine, hopefully that will strengthen my hips so I can take longer walks.  Right now I get 2 shorter walks a day and have a really nice backyard to explore.

Maggie and Chloe (the c-a-t-s) have also accepted me, we're not buds yet but hey it's only been a week.  They don't run from me and of course I don't chase them.  We sleep within feet of each other during TV time, each on our own cushy beds.

Anyways, I promised I would stay in touch, miss you guys and THANK YOU!!
- Ali


Alice, now known as Ali, is doing GREAT!! She is all registered with the county down here and is adjusting really well to the house, the yard, her walks, meeting my dog friends (who all fall in love with her), and getting her routine down.  She makes me love her more and more everyday!  So I think you don't have to worry about the 30 day return and can note that her adoption is final.


I had no idea the world was so big!  I had this cushy bed for the whole ride and did well after having meatballs.  I'm tired, what a big day.  Julie and Helen says this is home!  Chloe was okay meeting me, Maggie is still checking me out.  All for now, I need a nap...



Wow, is this for real? I ate dinner after a nice walk, I met Helen and like both of these humans!   I had about a 10 minute anxiety spell but have settled down now.  I am thinking this is going to be a really good match and I have you and Tiffany to thank for that.  I'll keep touching base!