Adopted March 2011


Thought you'd like to know that things are going pretty well. When we got here Friday afternoon we did a lengthy sniff-tour of the neighbourhood. She was a two-part dog - her front end was totally eager and curious, her back end, with her tail between her legs, was carrying her frightened history. But by Saturday she was fine, completely curious and interested, tail high, and today she's finding her dog joy. Loves walks at least as much as any dog I've ever seen. And snow!

There have been two incidents of inappropriate chewing, both times before we went for a long morning walk. There are lots of other inactive times, dogwise, during the day, and she's fine then. So it's just that morning time when she needs to use up some energy. That is also a time I want to be at the computer so we'll just have to tough it out until her crate comes sometime this week. She gets a quick potty break when I get up - though she only sometimes uses it. That first potty break is followed by breakfast for her, then an hour or so at the computer and then breakfast for me. It's during my time at the computer that she's chewed on things she shouldn't have. She has an amazing bladder. There have been endless neighbourhood potty walks, and also time spent just standing around in one place, to make sure she got the idea and had lots of opportunity. Still, she only pees every 14 to 16 hours. Bowel function is good though still irregular. Last night she let me know it was time to go out to pee, which was pretty impressive.

She's trying extraordinarily hard to please - both mornings when we've gone for our walk her collar has slipped off as we headed out the door, and she's come right back to me, eagerly, when I've called to her. (I will get her a new collar tomorrow!) She doesn't know "come" so this seemed like some kind of recognition that she had to do something to keep her place in the world safe. She "sat" on command this morning, without a nudge on her behind. This is a very smart and alert dog. (And one who loves leftover pork roast.) She's so careful to do the right thing that she doesn't touch her breakfast until I take a piece from her bowl and hold it out to her.

She's afraid of small enclosed rooms, like the bathroom in this house. You can see she's thinking about coming in after me, but you can also see it's a real challenge for her. She's also afraid of the look of the leash when I first bring it out. She's scratching several times a day, like there might be something living in her fur. Do you think I'd freak her out if I gave her a bath? She's been pretty fascinated by cars, and has shown an inclination to chase a couple of them. She hasn't shown any sign of being frightened of men at all. So your guys did really good work with her. It's like it never was. I haven't brought her close to the small children we've met on the street, but at a distance she hasn't shown anything but curiousity. She is eager to greet absolutely everything and everybody we meet on the street - except other dogs. She tucks herself up against my leg when we run into a dog, even one her own size that's exhibiting no aggression. (She was fine last night with a 12-week old puppy.)

So all's going well. But "Oatmeal" - that name has to go. I'd like to call her "Coco" - she pays a lot of attention to those two syllables together - but probably it's too similar to "come."