I just wanted to report to you-Bubba & Bella are 1 year old today! They are the sweetest bestest Kitties around and have matured so far into beautiful intelligent kitties! They are still kids but are well behaved and very thoughtful and loving. Bella "Belli" as she is a little piglet-she loves to eat but is absolutely quiet-hardly ever makes a sound except for tiny peeps when I pet her-she has taken a vow of silence I think. She purrs very loudly though.
Bubba is a lanky rambunctious boy-he is very long and lean and he seems to keep growing! He still has sneezing issues and still winks his one eye-which doesnt bother him a bit- he is smart and sweet and playful and I know he will be a very large boy when he is fully mature. He is my protector and cuddles with me at night. I am going to try to teach them to fetch and we are getting there-but their favorite toy is still Da Bird!
I just wanted to thank you and Forget-me-not shelter again for finding these beautiful darlings for me.
They are doing a great job keeping Cami and Floppy company and get along pretty well-no argueing-but not really hanging too close either. Bubba and Bella are Bonded to each other. Cami is hanging in there but she just had some mammary tumors removed and the vet has told me it is only temporary as it is very agressive. She is 16 and very active still-I am glad to have every moment with her I can and Bella loves her Grandmommy very much -follows her like a shadow.  I hope you and all of the kitties in your care are well. Have a Happy Solstice and let me know if I can help out in any way!


We are doing great-the kids are eating well-they have been introduced to kitty wet food and they love it. Trinity's "Bella" Luna is a little piglet! And my little redneck Hubba"Bubba" is also doing well. They play about 4-6 hours off and on each day and sleep the rest-they sleep through the night with me, I am amazed!

They are cuddling with Uncle Floppy-but Cami is still being grumpy. She has had a couple of good moments, touching noses, and a few grooming moments-but then she remembers that she is trying to not be nice and will growl and walk away. They have full run of the house now-and they love the catpost-I was surprised how fast they figured out how to get to the top(6') and they tear up and down it all day and love to sleep on it in all sorts of configurations. There is a window too so they get to feel the breeze and watch the birds and the bugs and squirrels and all the other fun outside. I think they are very happy-and they are starting to know their names and come when I whistle for them.

We tried on collars-just for 30 seconds or so-they were not too crazy about the bells! They werent sure if they were supposed to chase themselves? It was funny to watch them hop around-we will try that again in a few weeks. Their favorite toy at the moment is a feather wand with a bell-that I also tied ribbons on as well-they love it! Along with all the other toys-they are all over. Well, I hope that is a good check in for everyone. Here are some pics of the babies! 


All is well-well the kids are fine-but the adults are still adjusting-actually the kids dont care and the adults sleep through it all! I will send you some photos soon.

These are the sweetest most adorable quiet well behaved kittens I have ever seen-it is probably early and they will surprise me soon enough-but they have slept thru the last two nights no problems- and as I type Bayonne is sleeping on my laptop in front of the keys in between my hands. Please tell their foster mom that she is amazing-she taught these babies so well to be polite.

I am close to finalizing their names-Bayonne is going to be Trinity's Bella Luna-'Bella" and Bejarin looked at me so funny on the drive home and has been since I finally realized he reminded me of a long lost cat I had years ago-Bubba Kitty- tilts his head to the side and Bej does the same. So I am coming up with his full name still-but it is going to be I think, Bubba and Bella for short! Cute right? Silly yes.