Adopted 10/07: Spokane, WA - to a fabulous family who has also adopted 4 cats from us in the past: Jack, Jill, Indy and Jasper! Now relocated to MO, we miss you!

3/4/12 photos of some of the crew:

2/25/12 update on Jasper and Indy:

Perhaps you would believe how that tiny little cream bodied seal pointed kitten (Jasper) who you had in your office appeared from nowhere and announced in a great voice "I'm here, take me" and stole our hearts, then Jill's as he cuddled against her all the way home. He's now quite large and very dark seal, but refuses to be authoritative. No one around here is! Ted & I are just servants .... . Indy shares his quarters with a possum; he is one hopeless Rodent Patrol Officer, but so long as they are happy and he's vaccinated .... .


Won't bore you w/update on our kitties, but you have to know Itok is the most wonderful dog. He's 94 lbs. now, and a fantastic doorbell/guardian/anything I want. He's a sleeping potato until a noise comes, then wide awake instantly. You could never have given such a wonderful character to anyone before. He's just the best, and I adore him. Actually, I'll try and attach a pic of him -- you probably wouldn't recognize him now. He goes short walkies w/Ted several times a day, sniffs about a bit but isn't really interested except in the local otter's habitat. If I were rich, even a million $ wouldn't pay for the comfort and security he gives me, let alone your picking him for us. He loves to go rides, and is never separated from us = we take him everywhere, and he's never left by himself. He doesn't even want to run around, tho Ted made a set up for him outside -- he just nestles in and goes back to sleep. However, he loves the river: it's as if water doesn't exist -- he just wanders into it, but he hates to get his head wet, as with rain.



Well, the 2,000 mile 5th Wheel trip down here was long, but we made it. We closed the slideouts by day and let Jasper & Jill free -- they hid behind/under our bed -- whilst Indy was locked in dog crate with his necessaries. At night all came out and could run around. We settled in a very nice RV park not far from the property, in which we have all mod cons (except our real computers). Then Indy, having been thwarted at killing Jill, tried to do Jasper in, so we had to cage him. He was looking bad, losing hair, nasty dandruff, didn't want to be petted, etc., and we couldn't bear to see him like that (he was sitting up looking so well behaved) so Ted took him to the vet thinking Rainbow. Something said there made Ted decide to drive Indy out to the property and have a good talk with him, open the cage door, and let him have his choice. Indy slowly exited, examined the truck above and below, and decided to move in under the nearby house (a doublewide). And that's where he is now and you wouldn't believe the changes and improvement in him. We put a blankie in the dog crate and placed it in a dry protected spot (hoping if he takes on the coons he'll have a safe place to go to), Ted feeds/waters him every day, and he's apparently given up slashing and become a demandingly affectionate cat who stays in his own area. Apparently, I have to admit there are some cats who need to be outdoors.

Jasper & Jill are well -- she's still a little disturbed (probably smells Indy on Ted) but easing up -- Jasper needs to move so that he can properly get up to his 30 mph which he'll be able to do in the house once the initial 2-3 days relative confinement are passed.

Itok is wonderful, the best dog in the world, but his constant sleeping worries me a bit (though he instantly responds to certain words by totally springing up). If he is waiting to be hitched to a sleigh, he's got a long wait coming, so I'm wondering about introducing a companion.

11/07, excerpts from followups:

Itok says: "Hi, My Former Protector People! I think I'll stay here... These people have only found out five of my words, and are searching so hard for the name I respond to. Meanwhile, I follow the Big Alpha & keep an eye on his lady. I almost instantly recognized my dog run, and have marked it. It only took twice to get the route. Last night I slept at foot of their bed, many hours. I'm so tired. Cat Jack didn't really move from his sunny window spot, stared at me somewhat, and went back to doze. Jisa sorta walked around me and went away. Jasper, the incorrigible killer cat, walked up to me and touched noses while I was snoozing in the kitchen. Jill I haven't seen, but know is OK since she comes out at night when everyone else is asleep...

I used to chew on chain link fence, so my canines indicate. I wasn't welcomed indoors. I'm overtrained, too obedient, and I don't know why these people want me to sit on a blankie or a dog bed! They're sort of figuring that such are perhaps too heat retaining for me (?), but are going to call for help tomorrow. They'll get it, eventually, and I shall cringe no more. In all, it's only been a day and a bit, and they love me. I met their son last night, and when he knocked and came over this morning to pick up his laundry I barked! Ted just pilled me, and no problem. I think I wanna stay here! Love, Itok"

Adopters report, a week or so later: "He's getting his own possessions, is starting to proudly prance, and carries "bone" from place to place. He's a wonderful alarm (lovely bark), which my son & he enjoy too. He'll play w/ball a bit, and likes Frisbee a bit better. He knows his doggie run, and already that that's where one does one's private business. He's excellent on leash, and all in all just seems like the perfect companion 'cos he thinks cars & trucks are the greatest & he likes the Dodge Ram and the 5th Wheel!"

And again, after another week or so: "What I thought might be too much training might have been just his being exhausted ... He seems quite recovered now: went in today to see his new Vet again, & got his microchip, then we went for first bath, and then we went to Jane & Ted's "beauty!" parlor for haircuts for the humans & he just sat like an angel and even did a small woof without moving when their next client walked though the front door. We think he's starting to be relaxed & happy (well, it is a bit hot here by Husky standards).

He buries the "bones" we give him, and it's so intelligent, fascinating how he does that in even more detail than our squirrels."