Adopted in October 2005 to a lovely family in Auburn

2/1/07 - Adopter writes "I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful addition to our home that Pebbles has turned out to be. I think she has the best temperament of any dog that we've had, wonderful with people and other dogs. We lost our 16 year old dog Fred several months ago and I think she was extra sweet and loving to me during that difficult time.We recently had a foster dog here who was growling at our two dogs but that didn't stop Pebbles from trying to say hi and make that dog feel welcome. She's about a year and a half now and she is still the puppy to us, even though now she's about a 50 pound puppy! We also just enrolled both Winnie and Pebbles in agility training and they are both doing great. So thank you again for all you do for all the critters! "

Our deepest sympathies on the loss of Fred; here is a photo of Fred from 2005:

We know how much Fred is missed.

1/23/06 Adopter writes: "This is Pebbles with one of her Christmas presents. We were able to take a picture before the girls destroyed all the cute little fuzzy toys. Her favorite chew toy though seems to be Winnie. We recently took Pebbles to the vet to have her floppy rear dew claws removed and while she was gone we told Winnie that we were having Pebbles' teeth sharpened. Bad joke which Winnie fortunately did not understand. Pebbles came through that just fine and is now close to 40 pounds and still growing. She's also been to doggy day care a few time for socialization since it's been way too wet and muddy to go to the dog park. She was much more shy about that than I expected but now that she's been a few times she is starting to enjoy it. Hope all is well with you and the furry ones."

12/3/05 Adopter writes: "Just wanted to let you know that we have a healthy and happy and growing Pebbles. I just took her to the vet yesterday where she weighed 29 pounds, up from 20 pounds at the end of October. Pretty soon we won't be able to pick up that puppy any more! We had snow here this past week and she and Winnie enjoyed playing outside together. And so far she hasn't gotten into too much trouble which I'm a little surprised, but pleased about. I've also been impressed with how quickly she picked up the down command - I've had lots of dogs who've had trouble with that one so she really does seem to be a pretty smart girl. So here's another picture of Winnie & Pebbles (I think Fred's ear is partially in it too). Tom had doggie treats so he had their undivided attention!"

11/8/05 Adopter writes: "We finally got a picture of Winnie and Pebbles that I thought was pretty cute so here it is. They are becoming very good friends and playmates and starting to wear each other out more than me for which I'm very thankful! "
Pebbles on Winnie


11/3/05 Adopter writes: "I'm happy to say that Pebbles (Hanna) has been settling in very well and she and Winnie have started playing together. The house breaking was going very well at first and then Pebbles figured out that when I let her out, if she squated to pee she could come back in. We were having a lot of rain here so she started doing a little squat outside and then came inside and did a bigger potty. I guess I shouldn't have bought the smart puppy food for her! I think we're past that little hiccup though. So Winnie hasn't quite adopted her as her own puppy, it seems more like they're sisters and Pebbles can be the annoying little sister at times, but it's been a lot of fun to watch them when they play together. I have to say that my favorite time of day is in the evening when they are completely exhausted though!"

10/24/05 Adopter writes: "I just wanted to let you both know that Hanna (now Pebbles) is settling in very well. She was great in the car on the ride home and has really picked up the leash thing very quickly. For our morning walks we walk to a park where we throw the tennis ball for Winnie and Pebbles has been chasing after her. She's really fast for a puppy but nowhere close to catching Winnie so then she'll just wait for Winnie to come back and then pounce on her. She's been very playful and trying to get Winnie to play with her but so far Winnie would rather just play with a ball instead. I'm sure that will change though, and hopefully soon. All the dogs I've seen Winnie play with are much closer to her size but I'm sure we won't have to wait quite that long. Pebbles will also curl up next to Winnie which is completely adorable but I haven't been able to get a picture of that yet - they move as soon as I go get the camera. Pebbles also seems to be picking up the house breaking thing pretty easily and no accidents yet (that I know of!). She does whine quite a bit in the crate though even though it's right next to me at night so I'm really hoping that she'll get used to that quickly and sleep through the night soon! But she does seem to be pretty smart and everyone who's seen her so far thinks that she's just adorable, of course. So thank you again for the new addition to our family.P.S. Yes, Fred is just fine with her except when she pounces on him while he's sleeping!"