Adopted Patchy 2005, Tumble 2006


Patchy and Tumble are doing great, attached please find a recent picture. They are still best buddies and it is great to see them interact the way they do – they never fight over food (which is amazing, given that they constantly complain how underfed they are ;)), help each other keep up proper hygiene and constantly cuddle with each other. Everybody who comes to visit remarks on how cute they are together and how happy they seem to be. Tumble oftentimes very much acts like a human baby, which is really funny. As soon as I sit down, he jumps into my arms and stretches out on his back like a little baby and wiggles around until I pet his belly. And if I ignore him, he tries to position himself on my upper body in such a way that he has the perfect evil eye staring position and keeps it up until I fold and cradle him in my arms again like a little baby. Patchy then tries to imitate his little brother, but given his huge size and comparatively heavy weight, that is not always easy… J
Anyway, as you can see, we are all still getting along great, so thanks again for recommending the perfect kitties for us!