Adopted in May 2005 to a super Bothell couple and their cats

1/17/07 - Adopter writes, while joining our family of monthly pledge donors,

"Mindy is truly a blessing for us! We couldn't be happier with our decision! We hope this money helps all the dogs & cats that need love!"

We could not help these beautiful pets find the loving forever homes they deserve without the support of our wonderful donors; thank you for joining our extra-special group of monthly supporters. - Kim Gillen, Executive Director


6/7/05 - Adopter writes:

"Mindy is a treasure! She is so well trained and so gentle- we couldn't be happier!!! She is adjusting well. She gets daily walks and lots of outside time to chase the birds and squirrels out of the yard. She is always by our side and loves to watch anything that we are doing. We have gotten toys for her from the girls at work so she has plently of things to play with!! The cats are adjusting, Killian is hiding in the bedroom in protest with his catnip cigar at his side. I hope he can cope better soon. Snickers is very intrigued by this large creature and has developed a taste for dog food.
Mindy lets him eat right out of her bowl and waits for him to finish!! We have been very entertained to say the least. So thanks again and as soon as I get my photos developed you will get one of a very satisified customer!!! "