12/21/09 update from adopters, who also have another FMNAS cat (Harley) and a FMNAS dog (Holly):

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people there who do so much for all the animals, I bless you regularly. All my animals are fabulous Hans, Luke and Yoda are all fat and sassy, I keep telling Luke he and I are going to weight watchers together at the beginning of the New Year. Holly is just lovely, without a doubt she is the most gentle and loving animal I have ever encountered and she loves me so unconditionally I am humbled by her devotion. I wonder what it is that I have done in this life that makes me deserving of such love I am truly blessed to own her. Now we are down to Harley, oh my goodness I tell him all the time I am going to make him a clown collar he makes me laugh all the time, my little feral guy is just so sweet. I still have not introduced him to the great outdoors yet and know I need to do that soon but he does not seem to mind and this way he and I have quiet time together every morning before anyone else is up. He is great company and has helped to trim my tree or actually untrim the tree and is having a ball shredding the paper and ribbon he believes it is all just for him. Happy Holidays and Peace