Ella was the first dog adopted "long distance" from Forget Me Not -- she was adopted by Sam and Megan from the Seattle area back in summer 2004, and they drove to Republic to pick her up! She has since "given back" to FMNAS... her dad Sam received a prestigious award from his work at Microsoft, which included a sizeable donation to the charity of their choice... and they chose Forget Me Not!! Ella, Sam and Megan all came out to present the award, which we have used to pay off our mortgage.


Ella is doing well! I can't believe we've been together 10 years!!!!!!! She was my baby! We always celebrate her birthday in November, because we figured she was around 9 months old when we adopted her....I can't believe she will be 11 years old. She is doing great. We just got back from our annual trip to Monterey, which she knows like the back of her paw, this being her 9th trip there! We always drive over to Carmel, which is very dog-friendly, and she always leads us to her favorite store, "Diggity Dog" so that she can smell her way around the shop and get a treat. It amazes me that she has such a clear memory for a place we only visit once a year. She knows her way around, she always "does her business" in the same spots (literally!!!!!), she knows all the turns on our usual walks there as well as the walks we take here!


9/25/09: I was birding with some friends this past weekend in Tokeland, on the coast; we were looking at some shorebirds when a couple came up and asked us a few questions.turned out they were from Republic..so of course I mentioned that we adopted Ella (a.k.a. Sister) from Forget-Me-Not. Turns out the couple is from Malo and they know you! I wrote down their names but can't find them now! Maybe they will mention it to you!

Ella continues to do well.happy and healthy. She enjoyed her annual beach vacation to Monterey and is planning a hike for this weekend. She still does agility, and has quite the repertoire of tricks up her fuzzy sleeve. I'm sorry about the boasting but she is quite the gal!

Best wishes to all of you

2/1/06 update: "I had a funny coincidence happen recently involving, well, Forget-Me-Not.

I recently had two friends from college visit me; they are a married couple and live in San Francisco. The guy has a brother here in Seattle, so we all went over to his brother’s house for an evening. His brother and his brother’s wife have two dogs. So, we got to talking about our dogs, and I was telling them about Ella (a.k.a. “Sister” and also “Fuzzy Bumpkins”) and I mentioned that we got Ella from a shelter “way out” in Eastern Washington. They said they got their two dogs from a shelter out in Eastern Washington….in Republic! Well, the two dogs adopted got are Scruffy and Rascal!!!
Those Forget-Me-Not dogs are the best!
Ella continues to do well; she’s still in agility classes. We’ve been learning some tricks at home, but she’s figured out that they’re not worth doing unless she gets a treat. She is still a goofball, despite reaching the advanced age of four. She went on two long walks today so she’s now in a deep snooze with her chin on one of her stuffed animals. "

We love stories like this!!! You never know where you'll run into another Forget Me Not "alum"!

10/3/06 -

"Attached are some photos of Ella, taken at Dog Camp (yes, a camp for people and their dogs). Besides agility, Ella’s latest hobbies include watching Caesar Millan Dog Whisperer episodes and adding to her collection of stuffed animals (to my recent horror, she took one from a low-lying display at a sidewalk sale, tossed it into the air, and pummeled it on the ground before I realized what was happening. Of course we bought it for her as it no longer had that “new” look).

We hope you are all well. It has been just over two years since we came to Republic for Ella. We felt sad to take her from her foster home with you but everything has worked out so well and we know you would be proud of what a well-mannered young lady she has become!"