We want to let you know about Bentley, whom we adopted from your shelter in 2005. We are sad to say that he passed away on Friday, March 7th, age 8 1/2 years. I'm sure you will remember him as one of a large litter of pups; he was part great pyrenees which accounted for his size. He was a great dog in many ways; full of life, always happy to meet visitors and tease cats; we used to say his tail wagged the dog because he'd wag his tail so vigorously when he recognized a visitor he knew. He was too strong for me to play with but he did rough house with my husband Steve. I remember you telliing us how he used to follow his caretaker all the time. His need to be close to us was endearing and comforting.
It is not certain what happened to him; he collapsed on his walk. An xray did show air outside of his lung cavity and we suspect the pressure on his lungs put strain on his heart.

We miss him immensely but will continue to remember all his little (and large!) eccentricities. He brought joy to all members of our and our extended family, and an understanding of the patience and forgiving nature that such animals have.

I have attached a few photos of Bentley through the years.