New adoptable cat: TINKA



Tinka is a sweet, gentle girl who is declawed on her front feet, which means she must be an indoor-only cat. Unlike many Siamese, Tinka has a soft, delicate meow. She loves having her ears rubbed, is used to having baths, and likes to spend time snuggling on the couch with her person. Tinka arrived at the shelter because her people moved into a small travel-trailer, and it was too cramped for both their cats. She is about 2 years old.

Tinka was tolerant of the other cat in her home; we think she would warm up to a friendly dog eventually, but she is a little bit timid around people and animals she doesn’t know. She would like a quiet, calm home – Tinka would be perfect for a retired person or couple, or as an apartment cat for a relaxed human.

See her full listing for more photos and application.


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