Today’s featured cat: DANA



Dana is a gorgeous male kitty, 8 years old, who joined the shelter when his person had to move and couldn’t bring Dana along.

Dana can be a little shy when he first meets people, which makes him a little harder than usual to adopt, but after a few visits, he warms right up to each volunteer he meets… then he will beg for attention to the point he DROOLS while being brushed and petted! Most cat lovers understand the “drooling fool” kitty – Dana is distinguished and attractive, but just watch him embarrass himself when you pet him, HA. In his video, you can actually see him drooling… he’s not a kitty for a “squeamish” person!

He is litterbox trained, playful but not hyper like a kitten, and would do fine in most homes as an indoor or . . . → Read More: Today’s featured cat: DANA


New adoptable dog: Dexter!



Here is Dexter! Dexter was originally a Forget Me Not dog back in the summer of 2011; he went to his new home, who followed up with us to let us know how thrilled they were with him, and then we didn’t hear anything else; no news is good news, right? WRONG! We received a call toward the end of June from a lovely woman in the Seattle area, who said she had a stray dog in her yard, and through some research she had done on Craigslist, had determined that we was likely the dog shown as Dexter on our Adopted pages. She even counted spots to be sure! It sounds like his happy home decided to give him away for free on Craigslist – ALWAYS a huge mistake, as that is the surest way for your pet . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: Dexter!


New adoptable dog: BUBBA



Meet Bubba, an absolutely stunning, handsome boy who was left inside the shelter fence one night. He is obviously one of the “bully breeds” – either American Staffordshire Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier (the distinctions are very slight, apparently – you can read more about these breeds here).

Through a little volunteer detective work and some witness activity we were able to determine who left Bubba at the shelter; from them, we learned that Bubba is supposedly “purebred” and is about 3 years old, and he belonged to someone who moved away and couldn’t take him. The person who then took Bubba (and left him at the shelter) had him for a week and found him to be great with other dogs, but a bit too interested in the rabbits and chickens, so they thought it would be . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: BUBBA


New adoptable dog: MILLIE



Millie is a gorgeous, smart fox hound mix girl. She was born 12/7/09, and came to Forget Me Not from a home where she was kept inside a crate at night, then tied outside all day long. Millie is a girl in search of direction; she wants so much to have something to do, and to be able to please you and receive praise for performing her job well. Unfortunately, she knows absolutely no commands, nor has she figured out house manners yet. She longs for attention and affection, and we have all grown used to hearing her loud and incessant baying start as soon as she knows a human has entered the building. During her time with the volunteers, she is vocally quiet, but very excited; she tends to jump up and is not good on leash, but . . . → Read More: New adoptable dog: MILLIE