Today’s featured cats: SISKEL and EBERT



Siskel (orange) and Ebert (black) were born 3/7/12, and were surrendered to the shelter as a Stop the Cycle litter; the mama kitty has been spayed (thanks to her sponsor who paid for her spay!), and now it’s time to find homes for these 2 cuties.

These kittens are being socialized in a foster home, and should make great pets in pretty much any home. They are doing great with their litterbox training, and are learning all about play-time; they are starting to be less cautious around strangers, too! That little bit of caution will serve them well should they become indoor-outdoor kitties, but they would also do well as indoor-only cats.

Visit our Cats Page to see their full listings, including a super-cute video!



Today’s featured cat: AMBER




Amber is a healthy, friendly senior, who ended up at the shelter in 2011 when her owner’s disabilities worsened. She was adopted in November 2011, but recently came back to the shelter because she just couldn’t accept the other kitty in the home. This means Amber will do best as an only cat!

Amber will be turning 11 years old in July 2012, and is a very laid-back kitty, who spends most of her time relaxing in her favorite shelter basket. She would be a great companion for a retired person or couple, and could also be a good family pet in a single-pet home.

Amber is not a big fan of being picked up; she loves to be petted and brushed, but likes her feet best firmly on the ground. Amber is a really easy, “out of . . . → Read More: Today’s featured cat: AMBER


New adoptable cat: TINKA



Tinka is a sweet, gentle girl who is declawed on her front feet, which means she must be an indoor-only cat. Unlike many Siamese, Tinka has a soft, delicate meow. She loves having her ears rubbed, is used to having baths, and likes to spend time snuggling on the couch with her person. Tinka arrived at the shelter because her people moved into a small travel-trailer, and it was too cramped for both their cats. She is about 2 years old.

Tinka was tolerant of the other cat in her home; we think she would warm up to a friendly dog eventually, but she is a little bit timid around people and animals she doesn’t know. She would like a quiet, calm home – Tinka would be perfect for a retired person or couple, or as an apartment cat . . . → Read More: New adoptable cat: TINKA


New adoptable dog: DUKE



Duke is a wonderful German Shepherd/Rottweiler boy, whose only “fault” is that he chases and kills chickens (and the occasional pack rat, and even a deer). He likes other dogs, and even gets along well with dog-friendly cats… and he loves kids! If you have a home where Duke can be treated as a family member, living inside and going outside safely leashed or fenced, then Duke is a dream-dog for you. See his full listing for more info, photos, and video!


New adoptable cat: FURBY



Poor Furby – he was originally adopted from us back in 2005, and joined his perfect family, where he was allowed to sleep in the bed and absolutely loved his life; unfortunately, his family was unable to keep him and also unable to find him a new home, so he was returned to us and we are going to try again.

Furby is declawed on his front feet, which means he must be an indoor-only cat. He absolutely loves all the people he meets, but he does NOT like other cats, so his perfect home will be as an only-cat to a family or person who will keep him inside and love him as much as he will love them. He doesn’t have a lot of time at the shelter, because we have to either house him alone in . . . → Read More: New adoptable cat: FURBY


Featured adoptable dog: SCHARLEY



This beautiful 2-year-old spayed female English Pointer is STILL looking for her home, 6 weeks after her arrival at FMNAS. She is a wonderful, joyful, loving girl who LOVES to run – see her full listing to figure out if she is the one for you. Pass the word to friends and family, this girl will make a lucky, active person or family SO happy.