Look who went home on 1/14!

13 adopted pets who went home 1-14-12

Top row: Lady, Lea, Piper, Candelada. Middle row: Jaguar, Aracena, Emiko, Mars (now Fingers). Bottom row: Starr (now Sadie), Colilla, Cillan (now Huey), Armada, Vesta.

Yesterday’s transport of adopted pets to North Bend took our first 13 adoptees of 2012 to their new families! While every single adoption is a cause for celebration, we are particularly thrilled with yesterday’s batch, because it included 12 cats… 9 of which are over 6 months of age, and 6 of which were the black shorthaired cats and kittens whose arrival we posted about just last week.

Look for future updates on these pets on our Adopted Page.



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