Memorial donations were made in honor of the following beloved pets, who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This page was begun in November, 2009; if you have made a memorial donation in the past and would like your pet to be honored here, please email a photo and brief story of your pet to us at

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Duffy and D-O-G. - our logo pets   

May 20, 2005 Duffy, my precious kitty companion, left this world. He is now with D-O-G, my Forever Canine Companion. During their lives they brought happiness to so many. I love and miss them so much. In the midst of my sadness, I feel solace knowing their legacy will live on through the Forget Me Not logo LaVona Peabody so artistically created. A heartfelt thank you for all the Forget Me Not Animal shelter is doing for all the animals in need of loving homes. - Dee Dee

Bandit Desai
Thanks for being part of our family and teaching us how much joy a dog can bring to our lives!  We miss you enormously but you are with us in spirit.

B-C Devaul

Here is a photo with Lilly and also with her pals, and a photo of Lilly guarding our groceries!.  

All three are rescues.  She is the large Pyrenees with three legs who no one wanted.  We took her from Great Pyrenees rescue of Montana.  They brought her to Portland where we picked her up in 2008: she was originally from a puppy mill where she was totally neglected.  She lost her leg due to the neglect: a tether was around her rear left leg for at least ten days before they noticed.  The vet saved her and she was send to GPyrenees Rescue OF Montana.

Lilly was a very special, extremely loving and sweet Pyrenees. She was active and walked with us to her last day:  We did everything we could for her to the end.  She died in my arms.  We are still recovering from her loss.

These rescued dogs have a special love.
Fuzzle Guimera - He was "the mayor of 10th Street", very friendly and outgoing, and is much loved and missed.

SHADOW SUBERT - Shadow was everything you could ask for in a cat.

Shadow liked to be petted and would sit next to you to make sure that you petted him. He was always underfoot when we were getting ready for work. He wanted petted and he wanted it now. He was a “lap warmer”. He kept Tim’s feet warm at night.

We would turn the faucet on to a slow drip and Shadow would try to catch the drips. Left side of his face and paws would be wet from his attempts

Shadow liked to get up high. He would jump to counter, to frig and then to top of cupboards so he could look outside and see the yard.  

He had recently been allowed outside and he’d play in the tall grass and in the ferns. Unfortunately, he went into our neighbor’s fenced yard and their malamute killed him.  Not a good day. The neighbors feel as bad as we do.

RIP Shadow

Bailey Loseke - Bailey, you were the best and sweetest little doxie that I have had the pleasure and joy to have had in my life.  Even though you were 14 years old - you left us too soon.  Your pup, Baxter, and I will always miss you but we have lots of fond memories of all the years we had together.  You were the one kids and adults alike wanted to pet the most when we went anywhere.  You were so sweet and patient with all people. 

Mini was slow to trust but she became the most loving cat ever. Her brother and I miss her. - Pam

Hobbes - 20 terrific years, said goodbye in 2011.

Mr. Sparkles - gone too soon. - Jina

Sandy Poe
Sandy came into my life when she was 6 years old. Rescued from running wild in the country, she had been placed in homes a couple of times and returned to the shelter. She had that sweet temperament that all goldens seem to possess. A perfect camper and hiking companion, we had many adventures together. Sandy was a teacher - she taught me patience!

She crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the spring of 2010 at the grand old age of 13 and thinking of her still brings a tear.

Please support Forget Me Not Animal Shelter and all the good work they do for the animals in our community. - Jean

Purriwinkle Mahaney
Precious Purriwinkle--a face so round and sweet,

A purr so loud that neighbors
Could hear him down the street.

Our home was his for fifteen years; we never had a spat.
Though others tried, they could not oust
Our Purri as "Top Cat".

No meows or prrrts or huffs or puffs did this kitty make;
Just gentle paws upon a cheek
To say "it's time to wake".

One tiny bit of mischief was beyond belief;
From top of desk to under couch--
He was a pencil thief.

The five of us he left behind miss him terribly.
But we know he's now with Snag and Sneak,
Still playing wild and free.


Noche, October 2009 In October Noche, my beloved kitty companion, departed from our world. His love of life was inspirational and his love for me was unconditional. His life was a gift to me which I will treasure forever. - Dee Dee


Miss Kitty          

Miss Kitty was an alley cat who adopted me to be her caretaker in the last year of her life. She was a wonderful cat and in fact brought me Little Man, who at the time was a scrawny and very scared alley kitten. I thought perhaps he might have been her son, but it turns out he was not! Just another cat in need and I guess Miss K was smart enough to know a sucker for kitties when she saw one! Miss Kitty made sure that her adopted family was taken care of and then one day decided she could leave us to handle the future on our own. She is missed.



Cody Clevenger, 7/10/86 - 5/24/04
"If someone would ask me to spell love, I would spell it 'Cody'. Cody was my Miniature Schnauzer who left me 6 weeks before his 18th birthday. I miss him and will always love him. Cody brought me so much happiness. He would make me laugh and knew when I was sad. He was my support when I lost a loved one. Cody was affectionate, curious, smart and very cute. I was so lucky to have him for so long. But the day came where I had to make the hardest decision of my life -- what I loved the most, I had to 'let go'. Losing his hearing and sight and getting cancer made Cody's life very difficult. What followed after Cody was gone was a time of emptiness and tears that come so easy.... For 3 years I am trying to do something good in memory of my Cody. I donate to the Forget Me Not Animal Shelter. By doing this I hope I am giving a dog waiting in the shelter a chance to find someone who will give him or her a good home and lots of love." - Ingrid