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Jaunty 0982

Jaunty has ALL THE CUTE!!! He is a Wenatchee Valley Humane Society transfer into our Sammi Fund for Seniors program. He had a very large, cancerous mass removed, and is currently doing quite well. We have taken a cue from Old Dog Haven, and have placed Jaunty into a permanent foster home, so he can have consistency for whatever time he has left. He loves his foster mom and dad, Mikki and Paul, and is having lots of fun with them!

We will be covering Jaunty's medical needs for the rest of his life. Right now, he takes over the counter Cosequin and prescription Metacam, and the combination seems to keep him pretty pain-free and hopping around like a happy boy. We'd love to have some sponsors to assist with the monthly costs of his medication, which run around $40 per month.


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