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Max (id#1125)
Male Australian Shepherd Mix
13 years
Donation Optional

Stewie (id#1113)
Male Chihuahua mix
5 years

Aria (id#1118)
Female Anatolian Shepherd - Pitbull mix
1 1/2 years

CiCi (id#1124)
Female Border Collie - Husky mix
12 years
$50 or Senior for Senior

Jaunty (id#0982)
Male Cairn Terrier x
Permanent Foster Care Senior


JENNY & AMBER - bonded pair of small poodle senior girls


Thanks to Petfinder:


Be a responsible pet parent - train your pet!


What does APPLICATIONS CLOSED mean? It means we have received a fairly large number of applications in a fairly short period of time, and need a chance to review them to see if any will be a great match to the particular pet. If the right match is not found in the applications already received, we will REOPEN applications.

You may still submit an application for one of these ADOPTION PENDING pets, and we will review it right away if the right match is not found first.

What does ADOPTION PENDING mean? It means we either have so many great applications we are confident of finding the pet's new home from among them, OR the pet has been offered to an applicant who has accepted placement, and we will be delivering the pet on the next Seattle or Spokane trip.

You can submit applications for an ADOPTION PENDING pet, if you'd like to be a "backup home" should anything not work out with the prior applicants, but it's a longshot.


Donate a Bed
Our dogs and cats love to sleep on Kuranda beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for another dog or cat to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda bed

Stuff We Need!

We need training treats, canned dog food, toys, and Kongs.

We need *any* items in good condition, to list on our online charity auctions & sales - see home page for more details! If you have items to donate, please call 775-2308 and leave a message for Kim or email:

We also always need LOVE LOVE LOVE for the fuzzballs! Want to brush a cat or walk a dog? We need you! Volunteer as little as 2 hours per month!

Drop us a line at the address above, give us a call at 509-775-2308, or email:

MAIL: PO Box 602 Republic WA 99166-0602   Phone:(509)775-2308   Fax:(509)779-4339       LOCATION: 49 W Curlew Lake Rd, Republic


Send in an application to become a pre-approved adopter; we can schedule an appointment for you to meet all the pets that interest you at the shelter, or send the pet of your dreams out to you on one of our regular transports!

For more information, call 509-775-2308, fax 208-410-8200
or send e-mail

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