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Alex C1048

Alex arrived at the shelter (along with Risa, listed separately) after his owner moved away. Although Alex and Risa were left with someone who was supposed to care for him, they were not doing very well with that assignment so the original owner reclaimed the kitties and brought them to us.

Alex is a handsome 10 year old grey and white tuxedo boy who enjoys catnip, sunspots, and snuggles. He is laid-back about other cats, and just has a pretty "chill" attitude toward life in general. He is in good health and will be an easy keeper for the lucky person who brings him home. He has been an indoor-outdoor cat in the past, but has not shown any interest in leaving the comfort of his shelter cat room or the sun spots on his favorite cat tree perch, so should adapt well to an indoor only lifestyle if that is your preference. He is on a special urinary tract diet as he had some issues with urinary tract infections in the past, but has not had any recent difficulties; we recommend that he continue with special food, and/or implementation of a long term diet of primarily high quality canned food with some added water, as lack of water in a dry diet can significantly increase urinary tract issues. As always, discuss your pet's medical and nutritional needs with your veterinarian and/or a veterinary nutritionist (but realize that in some cases, they may receive incentives from pet food manufacturers, so may be biased toward the expensive prescription formulas). Here is an article that offers a non-petfood-manufacturer perspective for you to consider:

As you can see from his video, he is very fond of catnip (especially fresh!) and not at all concerned about sharing his newfound stash with his new cat friends in Room 4. We think Alex will fit in well in pretty much any type of family.


All pets arrive spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped and vaccinated. Adoption fee for Alex is suggested minimum $20 (more gratefully accepted), or she is eligible for the Senior for Senior program: adopters over age 65 may name their own adoption fee (even $0). All pets are placed with a 30-day money-back trial period, to give pet and family enough time to discover any unknown allergies or other conflicts. Can't come to Republic? Don't let that stop you! We have monthly transports to both the Seattle area and Spokane, delivering adopted pets to their new owners. If you can add a little to your donation to help us cover our volunteer driver's expenses, that would be great!

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