Rose is doing great!  She's happy and playful...and has lost a few pounds.  She's got a spring in her step and every day when I get home from work she runs across the grass to my car...she's such a sweetie and we're so happy we have her with us!

Her and George are buddies and they play together..... she's still a little slow at times, but she's full of energy too!  She loves the farm and she's pretty spoiled with love & attention :)

We hope she's with us for a very long time!


Thank you for bringing Rose to us in Monroe on Saturday.  She has been great & such a joy!  She and George hit it off pretty fast, but she's not too sure about our 'too friendly' cat Rosie.  She nips at her when she rubs up against her, but doesn't hurt her.

I've never seen a dog eat laying down...but figure it's because of her age.  I also notice she eats & drinks only when I turn or walk away.  If I'm looking she waits. Lol.  

She loves the yard although she's slow moving at times....she's really happy.  She hasn't seemed scared or nervous at all and she's made herself right at home :)

I've talked with Sierra's groomer and she said she allows a couple of extra hours so that older dogs can rest in between bathing, trimming, etc....and they're really excited to see her on Saturday.  They'll make her even prettier than she already is!

Thanks for everything that you do!  We're so happy to have Rose with us :)